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Love life

I read a post by a friend yesterday about self manifestation and visualising what you want. For her, it started with a four leaf clover, she had been looking for one for many years, with no luck. She read a chapter on visualisation and was already a believer in creating your own destiny, so she began visualising finding the clover and really feeling the happiness she would experience upon actually finding it - and guess what? She found one! I realise some people may find this hard to relate to, and yeah it may not be as simple to manifest and ‘find’ the brand new car / house / diamond ring you’ve been lusting over, but in principle setting worthy goals and putting those desires out there to the universe is a step in the right direction. Believe in your cause, believe in yourself - whatever it is, it’s most definitely achievable. 

"All that we are is the result of all that we have thought." - Buddah 

Here at the Another Manner HQ we’re busy sorting through the stock and getting things ready for a photo shoot! We’ll be posting pictures of some of the gems, so keep checking back!